Our Employees

​Our Employees are Bold for Life

Bold fuels our success. It’s what sets us apart. Being Bold for Life is our purpose. We deliver medicines and treatments to enhance lives. Every day. 

We are Allergan. Bold for patients. Bold for customers. Bold for Life.

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Albert Yao
Albert Yao made a bold move and joined Allergan as a sales person for aesthetics in China in September 2009. Since then he's witnessed unparalleled growth in the market and the company.
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Caitlin Sandahl
"I think that being bold is not only in your actions, but in your attitude,” says Caitlin. “Being bold can certainly be inspiring and I think that’s certainly what Allergan does.”
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Jose Miguel Herrera
“There is no limit on anything and the more you dream the further you get.” Jose's motto has led him to a successful career in pharmaceutical sales and at the tallest peaks in the world.
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Shuyan Li
Shuyan Li has been with Allergan for four years and lives bold, having completed her first marathon this year. Focused determination best describes her team.
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Christine Birchnall
Is there boldness in the Birchnall lineage? If the Birchnall kids weren't born with it, it was certainly instilled into them by their parents. Christine will tell you it's a mindset.