Albert Yao

Sincerely Happy and Proud to see our Business Grow and Become a Leader

Albert Yao made a bold move and joined Allergan as a sales person for aesthetics in China in September 2009. At that time, Allergan had just one newly acquired product and very little field support. Since then he's witnessed unparalleled growth in the market and the company.

His continued efforts to act fast to keep pace with the market while powering new ideas to grow his team and his business are driving bold results across the portfolio.

Bold Beginnings

When Albert decided to join Allergan, he was sure of one thing – the company was growing. Having just purchased the rights for BOTOX® in China, the Allergan aesthetics team was recruiting and planning its sales strategy. It was full speed ahead. He knew the product, and he had a feeling that good things were coming, but he couldn't have predicted the amount of growth he has experienced. Allergan China's aesthetic product line started as a single product and has blossomed into a suite of offerings with fillers that now includes body contouring with CoolSculpting®.

As the product line grew, so did demand and Albert's career followed suit. This year, Albert became the Sales Director of South China. He claims keeping his team close to our Bold culture and highly motivated with a fighting spirit is how he has achieved such great success.

Pioneering Solutions

Albert was nominated by his country management team as a Bold ambassador for China, which is pushing him in new directions. He's become a bridge between senior management and the field, identifying challenges and pioneering solutions that help sales become more efficient and colleagues become happier at work.

"It's not only about the salary and bonus. Working at Allergan you will gain personal growth which will be valuable to you and your future career – no matter what you do. That's what attracts people and keeps them at Allergan."

When not at work, Albert enjoys time with his family. He and his wife and their 13-year-old son like to travel and discover new cities and towns. The family likes to often go bike riding in the city or for short trips. "We think this is a great way to relax – and something we enjoy doing together."

A Fearless Future

His focus will remain on growth. With so many new people joining the company, including many friends Albert has recommended, streamlining the way our colleagues come on board and learn about our culture and processes has become a priority.

"I am sincerely happy and proud to see our business grow and become a leader in the industry. I have even higher expectations for the future. We will look for ways to continue to be Bold for Life, to help the team be more fearless and the company invincible!"

Albert Yao
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