Jose Miguel Herrera

Challenge, Motivation and Planning. A Recipe for Success

“There is no limit on anything and the more you dream the further you get.”

Jose's motto has led him to reach heights a successful career in pharmaceutical sales and at the tallest peaks in the world.

Based in Madrid, Spain, Jose started his working life as a carpenter while studying to become an engineer. A friend suggested he try his hand at pharmaceutical sales and he’s been on an upward trajectory ever since. After working at a few companies, Jose joined Allergan for many reasons, but was drawn to the companies’ aspiration to be market leader offering the best products, the best scientific support and providing doctors with the best information for their patients.

He joined Allergan in 2004 and is now a Senior Specialist for Facial Aesthetics based in Madrid, Spain. He’s won many accolades including President’s Club as a top seller.

His conviction of no limits has been driving his life, both privately and professionally. 

High Summits, Iron Man, Mountain Biking on Everest

He is not only an extreme mountaineer, having climbed peaks of 8000m/26300 ft and 7000m/23000ft (without oxygen mask) and hundreds of other high summits, but also challenges his limits by completing Iron Man events, several triathlons, marathons, bike competitions and expeditions, including biking up to the base camp of the Mt Everest at 5000m/16500ft.

Helping Children with Histiocytosis

His sporting achievements are great, but his boldest achievements have come from helping children with Histiocytosis. A friend began raising money to help treat his son who was afflicted with the disease and to assist with the local hospital setting up treatment capabilities for children like him. 

Jose and a friend climbed the extremely difficult summit Khan Tengri (7000m/23000ft) in central Asia while accumulating donations based on their altitude. Altogether, their efforts raised over EUR 16.000, approximately half the cost of the hospital facility needs. The hospital was able to set up appropriate treatment within a year and continues to operate to assist children with Histiocytosis. Jose continues to raise funds to support the cause. 

A Recipe for Success

Jose is Bold for Life in his never-ending quest to achieve greater heights in his climbs, his work life and his effort to help others. His recipe for success?  “Challenge + motivation + planning”  which is helpful in all facets of life. Whether he is preparing for a high mountain expedition or a meeting with a health care professional in his role as an Allergan senior product specialist. 

Jose has the strength, endurance and mental tenacity and will continue to push boundaries and keep finding new challenges.

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