Health Care Provider Partnerships & Payments

Importance of Collaboration for Patients

At Allergan, we believe scientific exchange between health care manufacturers and health care providers, including health care institutions, physicians, patient advocacy groups, is essential to the advancement of medicine and quality of patient care.

As such, we believe in ongoing engagement with all groups of health care providers to provide medical expertise and insights to Allergan and in building alliances with advocacy organizations whose mission is to educate and better patients. We believe that together we can discover meaningful innovation, educate other health care providers, or address significant unmet needs affecting patients. 

We also believe in the need to recognize and provide appropriate funding and sponsorship for unmet educational and patient needs. As such, we consider medical education grants of key importance in enabling scientific exchange and progressing scientific innovation and experience. And, we are equally as committed to making charitable contributions to causes in desperate need of support and recognition. 

Allergan is supportive and committed to a full disclosure of its appropriate financial compensation to health care institutions and providers for all types of engagements.
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